Have you been looking for a place to learn and connect with like-minded women?

  • A place where food storage isn't crazy.
  • A place where it's normal to learn skills and share knowledge.
  • A place where you can relate to others who embrace a different way of life. 

Welcome! You've come to the right place.

This Prepared Life Community is a space for YOU to take the next steps in your preparedness and homesteading journey. No matter what those steps are, you will find support and encouragement from other women in the community.  

Together, we learn new skills each month, share knowledge, cheer each other on, and have fun while we do it.

We've saved you a seat at the table.


TPL has been such an encouragement to me in my homestead/preparedness journey. I especially love Allison's perspective that anyone can do this, even if you don't own acreage or have animals. Homesteading is a mindset and an intention to develop both skills and community more than anything else. That has inspired me to learn new things, try new things, and keep working on shortening my family's food supply chain. I just love that this is for everyone (even people living in suburbia, like me) and that we can all cheer each other on no matter what our specific situations are!

Each month, a new topic is released in the community.

Monthly content contains written posts, video tutorials, printables, live video chats, and more.

Past content is always available as well.

Some past topics include:

Water Preps

Mylar for Food Storage


Pressure Canning

Soap Making

Garden 101

Water Bath Canning


Sourdough 101

Baking Preps

and so much more!

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Are you tired of feeling unsure?

There is so much information online that we can suffer from information overload.

We have all been there. (Me included!)

At the beginning of each month, a new topic is released in the TPL Community, and past content is always available to members. Each month is different, and you might see blog-style posts, how-to videos, step-by-step instructions, printables, recipes, and more.

Topics are researched and full of the information you need to get started. Some past topics have included water preps, sourdough, urban preparedness, soap making, pressure canning, water bath canning, and so much more!

The information you need to get started will be right at your fingertips. No more hours searching, no more wading through different opinions, no more anxiety and indecision.

You will receive researched information and resources so that you can be confident as you take action.

If you do have questions, don't worry! I am available as well as a community of women with a wealth of knowledge in the discussion forum.

You aren't left alone here at TPL; support and encouragement are part of the foundation.


The biggest joy of belonging to this community is the community! I love seeing familiar faces on our calls and knowing they’re now friends I just haven’t gotten to meet in person yet. I also think that there’s this mindset that we have to hold our skills and learned information to ourselves if we’re preppers. The beautiful gift of this community is that we learn from each other. No hoarding tips or tricks here! We’re all here to lift each other up and encourage each other every step of the way.💗


This Prepared Life has helped me get my feet on the ground and moving! I am making baby steps to a safe and secure future! I am taking care of my family.

This Prepared Life has been super helpful in gaining the knowledge I wouldn't have had access to any other way! I feel so grateful to be apart of this community.


TPL is such a supportive and educational community group, there's a spirit of cooperation and willingness to help each other that I love! It's a place where you can ask questions without hesitation and receive answers readily. If you are seeking out a community group that fosters open discussion and provides a space for learning and growth in the homesteading and preparedness lifestyle, this is it!

Membership Includes

Monthly and Yearly (best value) Subscriptions Are Available. 

  • New Homestead Preparedness Related Topic Each Month
  • Printables, Videos, Blog Style Posts, Recipes, & more
  • Access to all past content
  • Mylar for Food Storage Course (a $65 Value)
  • The Pantry Ebook: a monthly resource of ingredients and recipes for your homestead kitchen and food storage
  • Exclusive posts and how to's based on the monthly topic
  • Private Discussion Forum off of social media
  • Monthly Live Video Chats Inside the Community
  • Priority Access to Allison in messaging and response time
  • Exclusive close friends content on Instagram
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Videos
  • Available on your computer or via the app

Ladies, It's time to take action.

To quit thinking about starting and start.

No matter where you live, you can take your next steps in your homesteading and preparedness journey.

Over 15 years ago, I started my journey, and let me tell you, it has been slow. It has been small steps over time, adding up to big goals.

My first garden was a community garden plot, and I don't think I grew a thing. Over the years, we grew in pots and asked landlords for permission to dig up the ground.

We used a master bathroom as a canning pantry and stacked buckets in unsightly places because that is what we had.

No matter where you are at, you can start on this journey.

You can be prepared, not scared.

Take Your Next Steps!
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