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Wondering what products I use, books on my bookshelf? Check out the lists on my Amazon for prep items, kitchen gadgets, books, and more.

Please price check as the prices on Amazon are not always the cheapest.

Amazon Lists

Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Freeze drying is an important part of our long term storage layer. We use our freeze dryer for snacks, meals, and prepping.

Oftentimes the cost of a freeze dryer is cheaper than the cost to purchase several months worth of freeze dried food for two people. Do the math and you may find that its cheaper for your family depending on your size and how long you plan to have food storage for.

You can see more about my freeze drying journey on my IG Story Highlights.

Freeze Dryers

Azure Standard Bulk Buying

Bulk buying is another way that I save my family money. Not to mention the time is saves me with going to the grocery store less often.

Azure Standard is online ordering of bulk (and non bulk) natural and organic foods. Delivered to drop locations across the country.

This has mostly replaced the grocery store for us with the exception of a few items.

Azure Standard

Wallaby Goods Mylar Bags

Mylar is an essential item in my long term food storage. Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers extend the shelf life of many food items. 

I highly recommend Wallaby products. Their bags are durable and come in many sizes and styles.

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Wallaby Goods

Souper Cubes


Using the freezer is a super easy way to start preserving food. These trays make that so much easier. They are sturdy, come in multiple sizes, and I love that they have lids!

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when you place your order. One time use per customer, cannot be combined.

Souper Cubes

T-Shirts & Merch

While these are not essential they sure are fun.

Shirts are sold in campaign batches periodically through out the year.


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