How to Build Food Storage

food storage preparedness Jan 23, 2023
Building Food Storage

Food storage can seem daunting. It really isn't!

The easiest way to start building food storage is to buy more of what your family already eats. That's it, don't worry about packaging, don't worry about mylar, just get started. All that other learning and information can come later.

1. Open your kitchen cabinets and look for shelf stable foods. When you go to the store buy one extra or wait for a sale and buy several.

2. Set aside an amount for food storage each month and watch the sale ads. Stock up a small amount at a time.

Building food storage isn't a fast process, unless you have endless amounts of money and I know I don't! Building food storage is slow and steady and it adds up really quickly over time.

Prep what you eat so that you can eat what you prep. Your food storage will look unique because your family is unique, what you eat is unique, your storage space is unique. I am a big believer that someone else's prep list is not meant to be a master prep list.

Take the time to really know what is in your kitchen and how your family eats and you will be on your way to a no waste food storage. Stay tuned for more posts about my Three Layered Food Storage System!

Have questions please reach out! I absolutely love connecting with you.

How to Build Food Storage

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