What is Freeze Drying?

food storage preparedness Jan 16, 2023
freeze dried fruit

We have been freeze drying for almost two years now and it is an essential part of our preparedness. It has almost completely replaced our food dehydrator as we much prefer the taste and texture of freeze dried foods.

I've been sharing this weekend over on Instagram the process from start to finish of freeze drying eggs. So head to my story highlight called Freeze Drying and Freeze Dry Q & A to see whats been going on over there.

What is Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying is the process of removing moisture from food using sub zero temperatures and a vacuum to remove moisture from food. 

Freeze drying is not dehydration and it is also not just using your standard freezer to preserve food. I get these questions a lot. A freeze dryer is a special machine that makes food shelf stable through its process.

We have a medium size (standard pump) from Harvest Right and have been running it for almost two years now with no issues at all.

Freeze dried food is preferred here for many reasons!

  • Freeze dried food retains nearly all of its nutrients.
  • It tastes better.
  • Freeze dried food can last up to 25 years if stored properly.
  • Freeze dried food provides versatility and a long term storage option for many foods that are difficult to preserve long term in other ways.
  • Freeze drying at home is cheaper than purchasing freeze dried food.
  • Freeze drying allows me to control what is in our food.

We use freeze drying for snacks, backpacking and hiking meals, having quick meals on hand, preserving leftovers, long term food storage, preparedness, preserving garden harvests, and bulk produce purchases.

The decision to buy a freeze dryer was a big one in our house because they are not cheap. What eventually helped us make the decision was the simple act of doing some math. I calculated my preparedness and food storage goals vs the cost of purchasing freeze dried ingredients for our food storage. The freeze dryer was far cheaper for our family and our goals.

I went into the idea of freeze drying thinking it would be beneficial for our preparedness I didn't expect that we'd replace some of our other food preservation methods. This was an added bonus and has allowed us to preserve so many new things.

If you have questions about freeze drying head over to my Instagram This Prepared Life there is a wealth of information and videos walking you through this topic.

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