Importance of Mylar in Food Storage

food storage preparedness

Mylar is one of the best methods for packaging food for long-term storage at home. When used with oxygen absorbers, it can protect against moisture, light, and oxygen.

Mylar is a stretched polyester film or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is a transparent material used in many commercial and industrial areas. It is often used to provide containment and protection as it is a barrier to gas and odors. The mylar bags we use in our food storage are made from layers of mylar that apply aluminum or other metalized coating.

Our food storage is an investment, a bank account for hard times. We must understand how to store it, where, and how to protect its nutritional content.  

Mylar is one option for food storage. Some other methods of packaging for food storage include:  

  • Original packing
  • Glass jars
  • Vacuum Sealing
  • Number 10 Cans
  • Food Safe Buckets
  • Storage Bins 

The mylar bag is an excellent container for safeguarding our investments against light and oxygen. Mylar is a versatile material that comes in various sizes and thicknesses.

To learn more about using mylar in your prepper pantry, check out my mylar story highlight on Instagram or get step-by-step instructions, printables, and video in my Mylar for Food Storage Course.

In this course, you will understand what mylar is, how to choose the right size of oxygen absorbers, and how to store food safely. Additionally, you can ask me any questions in the comment section of the course.



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