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community Dec 11, 2023
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Join the This Prepared Life Community Today!

Are you looking for a tribe of like-minded women, a place to share your journey in preparing your home and family for the future? Look no further: This Prepared Life Community is the supportive and knowledgeable community you've been searching for.

Just like you, I started my preparedness journey in humble beginnings – student housing, to be exact. It all began with a small community garden plot and learning essential skills. Over time, we progressed to storing long-term food in buckets tucked away in closets and under beds. The point is, you don't need multiple acres in the woods to start preparing; all it takes is a shift in mindset and a group of supportive women cheering you on.

No matter where you find yourself on your preparedness journey, someone in our community has been or is right there with you. Taking small, consistent steps can lead to significant changes, and the women of This Prepared Life Community will be there for you every step of the way.

Are you tired of endlessly searching the internet for reliable information? Let us help you cut through the noise and provide you with a trusted directory of resources. We've all been there – overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options and unsure where to turn. This Prepared Life Community offers a reliable resource guide, smoothing your preparedness journey.

What's included in This Prepared Life Community? A treasure trove of topics and information, with new content released monthly – including written posts, video tutorials, printables, live video chats, and an active discussion forum. You gain access to all previous topics whenever you decide to join.

Past topics include Water Preps, Mylar Food Storage, Evacuation Preparations, Pressure Canning, Soap Making, Sourdough 101, and more. This content is the heartbeat of our community, where active women from around the world support each other, offering a wealth of advice beyond what one person, like myself could provide.

Ready to join our vibrant community? We can't wait to walk beside you on your preparedness journey! I am genuinely proud of the camaraderie that This Prepared Life Community has built.

Join now, and let's navigate preparedness together!


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