What Are We Prepping For?

community preparedness Mar 16, 2023
Why Preparedness

I get asked a lot what are you prepping for? Why do you prep?

Most people think of prepping as bunkers and gas masks and end of the world scenarios when prepping is actually way more than that.


Prepping is planning for the most likely. It is planning for what might impact your family and taking the everyday needs (and wants) to live your life into consideration.

It is thinking through how you are going to eat, have water, bathe, do normal household chores when there is no power, or water, or ten feet of snow around your house.

It is thinking through stressful situations and taking steps for them to be easier.

It is looking at the unique needs of your family, your house, your location, and your life and taking action steps because your family is your responsibility.

Prepping is nothing more than planning for the things to come and each of us gets to decide what that looks like. There is no wrong way to prep except to not prep at all. 

I asked in my followers over on Instagram to share situations in their life when having preps and/or food storage came in handy. These are their stories…

Why do you prep? I'd love to hear your story of a time when the preps you had in place came in handy. Please share in the comments!

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