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This Prepared Life

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This Prepared Life is all about homesteading and preparedness. It is about going back to our roots and doing things in a different way. It is about women reclaiming skills and lost arts. It is about slow and...

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Over 150 Non Food Preps - Ep28

Episode #28

I talk a lot about food storage, but nonfood preps are just as important. Here are over 150 nonfood prep items from a recent post on my Instagram titled If You Use It, Prep It. So get a pen and paper and get ready to...
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Community is Important - Guest Patrice Lewis of Rural Revolution - Ep27

Episode #27

Today, we are having a conversation with Patrice Lewis of Rural Revolution. Join us as we discuss the importance of community in preparedness and the process of moving a homestead. We covered so many topics in episode...
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Food Preservation Guest Crystal from Whole Fed Homestead - Ep26

Episode #26

Today's episode is a conversation with Crystal from Whole Fed Homestead. Join us as we talk about food preservation, long-term power outages, using a car as a solar dehydrator, her new book Freeze Fresh, and so much...
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Budget Prepping & More with Author Millie Copper - Ep25

Episode #25

Today's guest is an episode not to miss. I talked with author, mother, and prepper for over fifteen years, Millie Copper. Millie Copper writes fiction and non-fiction and is the author of the series Havoc in Wyoming....
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Prepared Not Scared - Proverbs 31 Woman - Ep24

Episode #24

Not my typical content; skip it if this isn't for you. Today, we are talking all about being Prepared, not scared, and how it relates to the Proverbs 31 Woman. Join the discussion on what fear is, how to move from a...
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Homesteading and Preparedness with Guest Jen Serenity Hill Farmstead - Ep23

Episode #23

Homesteading and preparedness when you don't live on your farm. Today's guest is Jen from Serenity Hill Farmstead. Jen is a mom to four living in Illinois. Join us today as we talk about her life homeschooling four...
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Carving a Farm out of the Woods with Guest Rylee - Ep22

Episode #22

Carving a farm out of the woods with passion and energy. Join this discussion with guest Rylee Faust. She is a 20-something homesteader, wife, & mom living in Northern MN. Today as we talk homesteading, prepping,...
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Bulk Buying with Azure Standard - Ep21

Episode #21

Azure Standard is my go-to resource for bulk buying and stocking my food storage and prepper pantry. In this episode, I walk you through everything from placing an order to picking it up at a drop site. I also share...
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Garden 101 - Garden Planning - Ep20

Episode #20

This is part three of the Garden 101 Series. Today, we are talking about one of the most exciting parts of gardening. Join me for a discussion about how I plan my garden, how I handle garden notes, what I plant, how...
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Women Who Prep Guest Roundtable Discussion - Ep19

Episode #19

Today is a special guest episode to end #womenwhoprep month over on Instagram. Join today's roundtable discussion with five guests. We answered some listener questions, shared our thoughts on women who prep, and so...
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Garden 101 - Getting Started - Ep18

Episode #18

Let's talk gardening! This is part two of the Garden 101 series. Today let's talk about starting a garden. Where to put your garden, different things to consider as you pick a space, from sunlight to accessibility,...
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Garden 101 - Terms & Definitions - Ep17

Episode #17

Let's talk gardening! Spring is right around the corner, and gardeners are getting out their seed packets in anticipation. If you are a new or beginning gardener, this episode is for you. From annual to hybrid to days...
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