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This Prepared Life

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This Prepared Life is all about homesteading and preparedness. It is about going back to our roots and doing things in a different way. It is about women reclaiming skills and lost arts. It is about slow and...

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Practical Preparedness with Small Children - Guest JaNae Preparedlikeamother - Ep16

Episode #16

What is practical preparedness and what does it look like as a mom of young kids? Join the discussion in this episode with JaNae from PreparedLikeAMother. Janea lives in Utah with her husband and small children. You...
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3 Ways to Focus Your Preparedness - Ep15

Episode #15

Prparedness is about your mindset. Join me today for three ways that you can focus your preparedness. We talk about skills, failure, and more. The video mentioned can be found...
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Journey to Self-Sufficiency with Chelsea of Little Mountain Ranch - Ep14

Episode #14

Join me today for another guest episode. This one with Chelsea of Little Mountain Ranch. Today we talked about her journey to self-sufficiency, her family's experience with a 47-day evacuation, and so much more....
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5 Tips to Get Started in Preparedness - Ep13

Episode #13

Prepping is nothing more than planning for the things to come. You get to decide what that looks like. Here are five things you can do to get started in preparedness. We also discuss some questions you can ask...
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Tips for New Preppers with Guest Des MuthaPrepper - Ep12

Episode #12

Urban and Suburban prepping with Des from MuthaPrepper. Des works full-time as a mom and full-time outside of the house as well. She lives in CA with her family and gardens in the suburbs. Join us for this guest...
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Root Cellaring - Food Preservation - Ep11

Episode #11

You don't need a root cellar or a basement to store vegetables for months. Join me for this podcast episode on root cellaring. This form of food preservation is the least amount of work, and there are alternatives for...
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Dehydrating Food at Home - Food Preservation - Ep10

Episode #10

Food preservation methods are a great way to up your food storage game. Join me for a discussion about dehydrating food at home. What it is, various dehydration methods, and more. Subscribe for Food Storage, Everyday...
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Can We Normalize Preparedness? Prepping Isn't Crazy. - Ep9

Episode #9

Can preparedness be normalized? Can we, should we? Is it even possible? Join me for a discussion all about what making preparedness the norm might look like. Subscribe for Food Storage, Everyday Preparedness, and...
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Preparedness is Your Responsibility - Ep8

Episode #8

Preparedness is our responsibility because our families are our responsibility. In this episode, I discuss encouraging future generations, taking back what is ours, and normalizing prepping. Ladies, it is time to get...
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Preparedness Journey with Morgan Rogue - Ep7

Episode #7

Another great guest episode welcomes Morgan from Rogue Preparedness. Morgan is a wife and mom to two living off the grid in AK. We talked about her journey, her new book, and so much more! You can find Morgan...
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Three Layers of Food Storage - Ep6

Episode #6

I use a three-layer system in my food storage. Join me in this episode to discuss my three layers and types of food for short-term and long-term food storage. We also talk about packaging and the factors that impact...
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Canning Supplies to Get Started - Ep5

Episode #5

Food preservation is a great way to take your food storage to the next level. Canning is one of my favorite food preservation methods. Join me in this episode as I share the basic supplies for canning, reasons you...
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